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[bôn-zāh] adjective: “That Covered Feeling” ™

• Worry-Less Rentals
• Up to $35,000 Damage, Theft, Loss-of-use
• Primary Rental Car, SUV's & Pickup Trucks Insurance
• Save up to 70% on Rental Counter Prices
• Zero Deductible
• Travel Throughout the US and Worldwide
• Compatible with major rental car companies 

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Compatible With All Registered Rental Car Companies

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Rental Car Damage offers primary car rental damage insurance, up to $35,000, for the following:
1) Damage due to collision, theft, vandalism; you will be reimbursed the maximum benefit shown in the benefits schedule.
2) Damage due to windstorm, fire, hail, flood;
3) Damage due to any cause not in your control;

Baggage & Personal Items

In case of loss during your trip, damage or theft, your baggage and personal item (including passport or visa) will covered up to $500 ($250 per item)

Zero Deductible

In the advent that you incur damage and need to make a claim, rest assured that your deductible will not cost you a dime.

10 Day Free Look

You can cancel your plan within 10 days of purchase when you have not filed a claim or departed on your trip

Optional Roadside Assistance

The following services are available when the insured is traveling 100 miles or more from their home:
* Towing Assistance
* Battery Services
* Flat Tire Assistance
* Fuel Oil and Water Delivery Service
* Lock-out Assistance
* Collision Assistance

All Eligible Drivers Covered

Provided all drivers are 21 years or older, possess a valid driver’s license and very importantly are added to the rental agreement upon vehicle pickup, then all drivers will be covered.

Your RoamRight Auto Rental Insurance Plus policy is the contract that specifically and fully describes your coverages. Certain restrictions and exclusions apply and coverages may vary in certain states. Please refer to your policy for detailed terms and conditions. Coverage is not available for residents of Washington State.