The Harsh Legacy of The Car Rental Industry

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Decades in the future - after shared rides and ubers have decimated car rentals but for the eccentric few - oldies will still tell tales of how these companies became victims of their own cruel policies. Youngsters will weep on their grandparent’s knees as they tell tales of the dark days of collision damage waivers. Rebellious teens will threaten to airbrush them out of street maps, before their fathers caution them. “We must never forget the dark days, my children, lest we repeat the same mistakes again.”


How an Underground Movement Fought Back


The rebellion began early this century, as millennials began to question the old way of doing things. Bonzah and our partner website Pteet were in the vanguard with primary rental car insurance that revolutionized the industry. Car sharing and in-demand taxis soon followed. It cannot be long before the circle completes.


A ‘Little Old Lady’ Fights Joins in the Fray


In 2007, a certain ‘little old lady’ aged 95 decided to take herself on holiday to France. After her aircraft landed, she went straight an auto rental desk to hire a car. “Oh non madame mais vous êtes trop vieux” the clerk responded cruelly. In other words, you are too old to drive, take a taxi. Said ‘little old lady’ did take a taxi, but only as far as the nearest BMW agency where she purchased a new German car instead.

Then she drove all over France, no doubt enjoying accelerating past French Peugeots and Citroens. She shipped the BMW back to America at the end of her holiday, and celebrated by driving it from coast to coast. By now, you may have figured out she was Roberta Jean McCain, widow of Admiral John S. McCain, Jr.,  and mother of U.S. Senator John McCain. She was always a bit of a rebel.

Her father was a Los Angeles oil wildcatter. When he disapproved of her romance with a U.S. naval ensign, they eloped to Tijuana Mexico where they married in a bar. She was a strong determined women who threatened to “come over to North Vietnam and wash her son’s mouth out with soap.” This was after he swore at North Vietnamese officials when they finally released the future Senator after five years captivity.


We Are Proud To Be Part of this Heritage


We founded Bonzah after we heard too many stories of car rental customers being caught short. This was after their rental companies dishonored the waivers they already paid for, for what they believed was genuine insurance. Put simply, we offer affordable premium rental car insurance. With Bonzah, you pay only $7.99 a day for up to $35,000 cover. Try asking for that value at a car rental counter someday.

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