Rental Car Insurance California

Continuing our “Which States are Covered?” series, today we plan to take a back seat as we trundle along in our virtual rental car with careless abandon. On this occasion, we are visiting awesome California - aka the Golden State - as we take to the roads in our chosen rental auto…Hold that thought for a while.


Drilling Down and Fact Finding


Before you even set foot in a rental car booking office, it makes sense to have a good understanding of Coverage Options. We recommend you do this before the chaos and confusion erupts at the rental collection point. Once satisfied that everything is cool, remember to request the best rental car insurance California has to offer. Naturally, we are referring to affordable Car Rental Damage Insurance available from


Before We Start the Comparisons, Two Gems of Wisdom


The purpose of this article is to gain a clear understanding of the Cover Options, but some fundamental issues need deciding first:

  1. Know that the size of the rental car affects the price you pay. Terms like "compact," "mid-size," and "luxury" can vary across rental car companies
  2. Shop around; Search across several platforms to find your preferred car rental


Focusing on Coverage Options


Rental car companies usually offer drivers additional coverage options, but know that it comes at a premium. Sure, they will convince you that you can minimize your liability while driving if you choose their offerings. Chances are that you may be you may be covered already through your own auto or homeowner's policies. Don’t hesitate, rather contact Bonzah and secure your rental car insurance California-wide.

Read your insurance policies for specifics, and call your insurers if you remain uncertain about the coverage. If traveling on business, you may fall under your employer’s insurance. Some credit card companies and motor clubs provide members with free rental protection when you use their cards to pay for rentals.


At the Agents Desk


Salespersons will try to sell you a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), or a Loss Damage Waiver. These waivers ‘guarantee’ that the rental company will pay for damages to your rental car. Remember, in real terms, this is not collision insurance. The provider will not pay injuries to you, or damages to your personal property. Check coverage under your medical insurance plan for protection that CDW coverage lacks.




Opt for Bonzah because it’s simply the best rental car insurance California has. Review your rental company carefully! Time to plan the best experience possible in CA; make sure you have adequate cover from your rental car insurance California.


Image Information and acknowledgement: San Francisco Tramcar: Author: Bernard Spragg BY Public Domain