What To Do When an Elephant Collides With Your Rental Car

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Navigating the wild open spaces of Asia and Africa can become complex when encountering wild animals. Because they basically don’t know how to behave and may regard cars as a challenge to their authority. In India, where they roam free locals toss them fruit from the back seat of scooters as gifts. However this does not always get them out of trouble.

In Africa, the wild ones have become victims of poachers after their tusks, because a few senile males in Asia believe eating them will restore their youth. This understandably makes the average African elephant cross. How would you feel if someone killed your best mate for his two front teeth?

Being from Africa, I can confirm that elephants loom largely over cars. They may seem harmless, but a male can weigh 13,000 pounds and stand 13 feet tall. This could prove doubly unlucky if you have triskaidekaphobia. My best advice is treat them with respect. For if you tread on their toes, then this could happen to you.




What To Do When an Elephant Collides With Your Rental Car


First, check carefully that you were driving on a hard surface, if you paid the car rental company a large sum of money for a collision damage waiver. That cover is unlikely to apply to dust roads. Moreover, if you failed to act responsibly and negotiate with the elephant you may have no cover at all. What’s that? Your mother-in-law was driving and she had enjoyed a few toots. Oh boy! Get ready to mortgage the house.

That’s the honest truth about car hire company “insurance waivers” that are not actually insurance at all. Instead, they are carefully crafted documents enabling them to often wiggle out of claims. Now if you were a U.S. resident and had taken Bonzah premium insurance instead, things could turn out incredibly better for you.

You see, all Bonzah requires is you pay the policy before you drive the rental car, and behave responsibly and politely. Dust roads are fine, but not Kilimanjaro please. We provide up to $35,000 accident / damage cover for a daily tip of $7.99. However, there is one small thing to know. We are unable to pay for elephant damage (scratched tusk, broken toenail etc.) because we stick to our knitting, insuring cars.

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