The Most Popular Car Rental Stunts to Watch For

Deep Scratch on Left Front Wing

You are on your own when you hire an auto from one of the bigger companies. Forget the charm of the young attendant you might almost like to invite for a coffee. You are engaging one of the shrewdest industries around. So shrewd in fact, that they can afford to self-insure because they have armada of attorneys in the background. However, there are number of rental stunts you can still avoid, if you know how to do so with the secrets we share today.


How to Work Around the Risk of Being Caught in Rental Stunts


We find ourselves in a difficult situation when we arrive in a strange city. Because a rental car is the only option if there are no trams or buses, and we have loads of luggage. The first essential is to take primary collision damage cover with a solid, reliable company like Bonzah before you drive away. Bonzah pays all successful insurance claims soon. In fact, far sooner than you might otherwise discover your collision damage waiver is just a piece of paper.

The second essential workaround is to photograph or video the car. Next time you hire an auto, observe the inspection charade with fresh eyes. The clerk seldom checks the vehicle properly. It is almost as if they would rather not find anything wrong. You must photograph or video the rear, side and front. Plus the front glass, because the slightest crack makes this unrepairable, and likely for your account.

If the car starts making weird noises and you take it back to the depot, be prepared for them to expect you to pay for wear and tear. These types of rental stunts can be easy to counter, because all you do ask for the telematics report for the period showing you were driving well. The mechanic also has to prove the mechanicals were working properly when they handed you the keys. That’s another tall order for them to deliver!

If you were to accept their collision damage waiver, which we are unable to recommend be extremely skeptical if they lodge a claim just below the first deductible amount. Another of their popular rental stunts they may attempt, is claiming damage to the underside or the roof where they know their customers seldom look before they take the keys and drive away.


Avoid Falling Into a Trap - Drive Safely with Bonzah


Bonzah’s thoughtful primary insurance cover protects you from expensive collision damage up to a total $35,000 in repairs, replacement of the rental car, and any deductible at a fraction of the cost of major car rental companies. Read more here. Everything is laid out clearly, just as insurance should.

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Deep Scratch on Left Front Wing: Tobias Toft BY CC 2.0