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Wallkill Valley Rail Trail in Gardiner, New York, from Route 44/55

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Welcome to our New York State review. As you start reading this, please be aware that the rental car company you choose to do business with remains decidedly unsympathetic with any mishaps that may befall you during the rental period. The message we want to impart is very pertinent to your financial liability should you encounter any incidents resulting in a claim. We are there for you, and will stand by you in your hour of need.


Covering, Caring Rental Car Insurance New York


We have two plans available online at, simply referred to as our Basic and Premium Plans. We believe it is important to understand what you are purchasing, both in terms of coverage and premium costs.

With either of these plans in place, you will not find yourself all alone and facing uncertainty with the rental company when it comes to claiming for loss or damage. We believe in transparency and fairness as we stand firmly on your side. Let’s have a closer look at what you get with Bonzah’s Auto Rental Insurance Plus:

  • The Cost: Our Basic Plan costs $7.99 a day; the Premium Plan costs $10.98 a day
  • Car Rental Damage, Theft Coverage: Coverage of up to $35,000 - both plans - is provided to licensed drivers named on the rental agreement
  • All Eligible Drivers are Covered on Both Plans: An 'eligible driver' is at least 21 years of age and booked to travel on an eligible trip
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance (Premium Plan Only): For the extra $3 a day, you get assistance with battery problems, flat tire, and fuel/oil/water delivery. Lockout and collision assistance are also provided

Look at Bonzah’s auto rental insurance as more than just a bonanza if you should have to file a claim. It offers peace of mind motoring, freeing you up to enjoy the multitude of attractions New York State has in store for you and your fellow travelers. Link up to the NY State government tourism site and expand your thinking.


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Our guess is that you probably would not book an airline ticket without insuring for all eventualities. Statistically, driving a rental vehicle is far more risky than flying from A to B, which makes securing proper rental car insurance all the more important. Remember to request and pay for your cover from us before driving off from the rental park!