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Image: National Atlas of Minnesota: Public Domain


Part of the Great Lakes and northern regions of the United States, Minnesota is the most northern state bar Alaska. Manitoba and Ontario are two provinces of Canada on the northern border, while Iowa lies south of Minnesota. North and South Dakota lie to the west, with the eastern neighbors Michigan and Wisconsin forming land and water borders along Lake Superior.


Book Bonzah’s Rental Car Insurance Minnesota


There is so much to see and do in Minnesota and a rental car offers the most convenient way of getting to the action. Remember to book affordable car rental damage insurance before you set off. Our incredibly low rates are more than affordable, they are essential too.

From as little as $7.99 a day, Bonzah covers your rental car should a mishap such as theft of damage occur, click here and get a quote. The policy reimburses you up to $35,000 in repairs, replacement of the rental car and any deductible levied by the rental car company. Do the comparison to crippling costs of waivers offered by car rental companies.


Beware the ‘Land Mines’ Lurking in Your Rental Agreement


Few of us are motivated to read the small print lurking in the RA, but you may wonder what you are letting yourself in for if you bothered to study this legally enforceable document. These are some of the exclusions equating to RA breaches:

  • The renters driver’s license is about to expire, suspended, revoked or invalid (forged)
  • Hirer fails to meet specific requirements regarding accidents and traffic violations (tickets)
  • The rental vehicle is used in a negligent manner (left unlocked, driven on dirt, for example)
  • Renter fails to report a loss to officials as required by law. A driver not listed on the RA drives the rental vehicle

Of course, this would have caught your attention had you taken the time to properly read, and understand your RA.


Decent Auto Rental Insurance in a Couple of Clicks


If breaches worry you, so should the other clauses written into your Rental Agreement. Sure, it’s all there to protect the rental car giants, and when an incident happens, they are going to make you pay. Liability rests squarely on the renter no matter how the damage or loss actually occurred. Save it for the Judge!


Rental Car Insurance Minnesota – Safeguarding Your Interests


Accepting amazingly affordable rental car damage insurance could prove the best decision you ever made (before driving off). It could even save you from bankruptcy!