Rental Car Insurance Maryland

Western Maryland Railroad Locomotive No. 6

What makes Maryland unique, we hear you ask. For the tourist, Maryland, officially nicknamed ‘Old Line State’ splits into six main geographical regions, namely:

  • Eastern Shore
  • Capital Region
  • Central Maryland
  • Chesapeake Bay
  • Western Maryland
  • Southern Maryland

With so much on offer, you simply have to get around by rental car. This relatively cheap and independent mode of transport is an effective way of getting from A to Zee. The good news ends there, because the not-so-small matter of expensive insurance hangs over the heads of all rental vehicle hires.


Choosing Your Rental Car Insurance Maryland Carefully


Care springs to mind with your first warm encounter at the car rental reception desk. Do not be fooled! At best, the ‘customer care’ approach is there to beguile you into signing your rights away at Rental Agreement time. In reality, there’s a whole pile of potential issues hidden deep in the small print of this legally enforceable document. - Offering a Viable Alternative


We call it “Affordable Car Rental Damage Insurance”. When you purchase one of our plans, you pay $7.99/day. If the rental car is stolen or damaged, this insurance policy will reimburse you up to $35,000 in repairs, replacement of the rental car and any deductible at a fraction of the cost of major car rental companies.


Car Insurance Health Warning!


To be candid, Rental Agreements are potential quagmire zone. The Terms and Conditions that you’ll be required to accept are complicated, onerous, and even confuse the best legal brains. How do the rental giants arrive at their ridiculous waiver charges? Statistics that drive costly waiver charges are not pretty, but they are relevant, please read on.


Statistically Speaking


Sure, accidents happen, but the statistics behind vehicle accident claims make alarming reading. Zooming in:

  • Most auto accidents occur in daylight in perfectly normal weather conditions
  • The NHTSA reports over 5-million car accidents (US) in the last year
  • Most damage and injuries arise from multiple vehicle accidents
  • Almost a third of accidents involve rear-end collisions
  • A third of all fatal accidents involve drunk drivers

The message is clear; cover yourself and take care out there!


Cover Yourself, Cover it Right


Given statistical trends out on US Highways and Bi-Ways, surely you would want to cover your car rental properly. This is where comes in with its fail-safe rental car insurance Maryland-wide. Don’t leave it to CDW/LDW waiver arbitration because you’ll have no control over the outcome. Rather work with Bonzah’s car rental damage insurance instead.


Image: Western Maryland Railroad No. 6  Author: Ryan Jairam BY CC 3.0