Renters Take Chances in Manhattan, Kansas Floods

Flooding in Manhatten, Kansas

A weekend storm has left parts of Manhattan, Kansas flooded with hundreds of people evacuated from their homes according to LJ World. Nearly 9 inches of heavy rain have caused creeks to burst their banks and drains to overflow. Some homes are flooded nearly to their roofs, although Kansas State University’s main campus has escaped.

“It was one of the most significant events that we’ve experienced in my history here,” Manhattan city manager Ron Fehr said at news conference Monday. “Things got flooded this time that have never been flooded before, even some of the rural areas.” We should imagine many vehicles are out of action, with water damage or isolated in the flowing water.


Hertz Rental Company Welcomes the Extra Business


Local news site KSNT reports the flash floods in Manhattan, Kansas “caused major damage to homes, businesses and cars. Many people turned to rental car services for temporary transportation.”

The local Hertz Rental manager says, “It’s definitely been busier than usual”. While district Manager Jamie Hish says “they're prepared to deal with it. With K-State football season we always make sure we have extra fleet on hand. Plus just coming out of a holiday weekend that helps us keep a little more fleet on hand as well."

"The nice thing is with Hertz our cars go nationwide so we can pull fleet from Kansas City, Witchita, Omaha, wherever we need to get people back on the road." We’ll pass on the word “nice” but wonder less at the apparent lack of sympathy with those poor folk who may have loss their homes.


But Should Hertz Be Renting Those Cars At All?


The Hertz damage waiver does not cover damage to a rental vehicle when used in a manner prohibited in the rental agreement. “Prohibited use includes driving recklessly … driving on unsealed roads or failing to safeguard the vehicle.”

The definition extends to acting recklessly or with deliberate intent to cause loss or damage to the vehicle including, but not limited to, where:

# The driver caused the vehicle to roll, tip or fall over and this has caused damage to the side and/or roof area of the vehicle.

# The driver caused undercarriage damage to the vehicle, or from sitting or standing on the roof of the vehicle

You got it, if this sounds like what happens to vehicles in floods. If those people deliberately drive through a flooded area they have no insurance cover whatsoever. Unless desperately escaping from a life-threatening danger. At Bonzah we don't think renting cars under these conditions is the right thing to do. We are open to convincing otherwise, although from our own experience we doubt this can be done.

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