Rental Car Insurance Vermont

Northern Green Mountains, VT; Author: From the nek; Accreditation: CC BY-SA 3.0


"The Green Mountain State" is an apt name for Vermont, located in the Northeast corner of the US in the New England region. Vermont's humid continental climate (Köppen climate classification Dfb) is similar to that of Fargo (ND), Stockholm (Sweden) and Minsk (Belarus).


Ideal Auto Hire Territory – Remember Rental Cars Insurance Vermont


Typically, mild early summer periods follow a wet spring. The hot autumn temperatures peak in August, when visitors can expect a riot of color. Vermont's trademark plantations along the foothills of the Green Mountains make this state a tourism magnet. Winters are traditionally cold at this northern latitude.


Did You Know...


If you are a maple syrup lover, visiting Vermont should prove a sticky, sweet experience – this state was the country’s leading producer of the sticky nectar in 2015.  In 2016, Vermonter’s claimed the title of the safest state in the United States. Good clean facts for sure! Click on this link and get all the planning help you need for your upcoming visit to Vermont.


How to Respond at the Rental Counter


Upon arriving at your chosen entry point in Vermont, make your way to the rental car hall and join the merry throng waiting their turn to get their wheels. Have your questions ready for when the friendly agent invites you to step forward to complete the formalities. If you accepted Bonzah’s Affordable Car Rental Damage Insurance, make this known straightaway.


Vital Protection from Rental Car Insurance Vermont


All major rental companies accept our policy because they know it protects their asset, the rental auto. This is your primary policy if an incident occurs and you need to make a claim, in other words, this is your first line of protection. In most cases it is the only recourse you’ll need because we provide up to $35,000 coverage. All this for an amazing $7.99 a day makes our rental car damage protection the hottest product in the vehicle hire sector.


Signing Your Rental Agreement


There’s no way of getting around this contentious legal document. Extremely biased towards the rental company, it serves as their mandate to do as they please when a mishap occurs. We urge you to read your RA carefully and then question anything you do not understand before signing the agreement.


Rental Car Insurance Vermont Offers Valuable Protection


The decision to accept or decline the waiver on the RA is entirely the renters choice. We would not recommend declining unless you have some viable cover in place, for example, Bonzah’s rental car insurance Vermont.