Dubai Lamborghini Speedster Still Holed Up In Hotel

Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4

Gulf Business reports a British tourist has been unable to shake off the $46,284 speeding fine he recklessly racked up in the early hours of July 31, 2018. And as for his hotel bill, well that’s another matter.

The rental company wants to squeeze every dollar they can, and added another $13,612 for loss of revenue while the car remained in his possession. The Lamborghini Huracan’s rate is $817 a day. What a deep hole to be in.


Dubai Lamborghini Speedster Begs Dubai Police Mercy


The yet-unnamed tourist checked in with the police, and brought the fine down to $32,669 on the rate. Dubai police notoriously play cards close to their chest. Was there a volume discount, or something distinctly un-British perhaps.

We can’t help feeling a smidgeon of sorrow over the situation the man is in. Auto rental companies sometimes seem to delight in hammering in nails all the way. Manager Mohammed Ibrahim still wants his pound of flash and then some. Moreover the Dubai police have said,

“The British tourist cannot leave the country until he pays the car rental agency about Dhs50,000,” a traffic police official apparently said when referring to the loss of use penalty.


But That’s Not All Yet, Says Manager Mohammed Ibrahim


Said Manager is livid over the three-day hire that turned into a sixteen-day romp. “I lost money when the vehicle spent several days parked in front of the hotel. He rented the car for three days and returned it after 16 days. Renting such a vehicle costs Dh3,500 ($953) per day.”

And then there’s the small matter of respraying the Lamborghini Huracan another color and changing the registration “after its recent notoriety”. While the rental company may want to avoid a repetition by another British hooligan, we are not convinced a court would support it.

Unfortunately, the serial speeding offender is on his own in a game where the rental company calls all the shots. If he had taken out a waiver, they would doubtless have voided it by now. However if he had our primary auto rental insurance, he might have at least asked our underwriter RoamRight Auto Rental Insurance Plus for advice.

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