Buying a Used Car or Renting One

Buying a Used Car or Renting One - Which is The Best Option For You

Whether you are going on vacation, moving to a new city or expanding your family, the decision of adding a vehicle to your life whether for short term or long term purposes is usually a big one. Choosing the make or model is the easy part. Cars are expensive and the decision of purchasing a new or used car is one of the largest expenses an individual or family has to part with. Buying a car from a used car dealership can be a bit cheap but the prospect of saving up to its full price is not easy and securing an auto loan is somewhat daunting. However, if need be, you can always consider renting one for short term before you can afford to buy one of your own. This article is going to discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of renting a car and buying a used one.

Renting a Car for a Short Term

People rent cars for various reasons; family vacations, business trips or for even special events like weddings. Whatever the reason, renting a car can have its advantages.

Owning your own car is not just that necessary. We live in a metropolitan world where public transportation is common. Renting a car for a short term when need be will save you a great deal of money compared to the operating expenses of buying a used car.

With rental cars, no matter where you travel, breaking down is not a worry. If the car breaks down during the rental period, the rental agency will provide another car at no charge. Unlike buying a used car from a used car dealership, once the purchase is done, you are responsible for the car thereafter.

With a rental car, you will need to very cautious if you don’t have additional insurance. Drive with peace of mind and get the additional rental car damage coverage.

Buying a Used Car

Sometimes renting a car might not be the best option for you. You can always opt to purchase one at a used car dealership. It can save you a significant sum of money compared to buying a new one.

When purchasing a used car, you are going to have different insurance rates when comparing to renting. In some cases additional insurance is necessary if you already own a car when renting just to make sure you are covered.

However, buying a used car can also have its flaws. For instance, a used car may not be reliable and you’ll be face with hefty repair bills. Some cars are very problematic that have continuous mechanical problems that can be really stressful to fix. Furthermore, you are the one liable for any extra repairs after the purchase.

With a used car, you may be limited to the car you order. You will have to compromise on certain aspects like the color of the car so that you can get one with a better mileage and history.

Every individual will need to decide for themselves which is the best option for them. Sometimes it is not all about the money, but convenience.