Traveling to the United States or Canada and need Supplemental Liability Insurance for your rental car?


Carefully Consider Supplemental Liability Insurance For Your Car Rental

When reviewing Liability Insurance offerings, opting for these affordable third-part insurance options for peace of mind you’ll be paying way over the top unless you go with an affordable third-party option. Umbrella liability insurance should offer genuine, primary third party coverage. The message is clear; do not drive without it.

The Basics on Supplemental Liability Insurance

Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) provides third party liability coverage, for example damage to persons or property. This is quite different to claims resulting from a collision or other accident damage to the rental car. Renters should regard SLI as essential cover over and above the CDW coverage. SLI covers injuries to others up to $1M, with a $200K max per person. However, Uninsured Motorist (UM) or Underinsured Motorist (UIM) are separate coverage options that you need to purchase in addition to primary coverage options.

Keep in mind that when signing the RA at the car rental kiosk, as the renter, you are agreeing contractually to be personally and legally responsible. This means that as the renter you become legally responsible for all losses, regardless of the cause.

Case In Point

An Alamo car renter arrived in San Francisco after a long haul flight and proceeded to collect her rental car after completing the RA formalities. Vanamali Tay thought she had requested third-party liability protection, something she did not check thoroughly on the Alamo contract she signed. Unfortunately, she did not accept Supplemental Liability Insurance coverage before signing the contract, and this left her facing a large vehicle repair bill of $15,000 to the other person’s car. ..

The story continues, “The reservation confirmation said I had third-party liability protection included. It also included collision damage waiver,” claimed Tay. “The Alamo agent didn’t orally advise anything. He had me sign a premarked place and handed me the contract.” Alamo did though record Tay’s California license and credit information.

Never Assume, Check Before Signing the RA

Ultimately, Alamo refused to budge and held Tay liable for repair costs, which likely included missed rental opportunity for the time the rental car was out of action. This case goes to prove that anyone renting a vehicle should read and understand the contract in full. It is also a timely reminder for renters to understand the Ts & Cs of car rental insurance coverage before signing the RA and driving off. Never be shy to ask questions before accepting - or rejecting – the various insurances offered.

Far Reaching Effects of Graves Amendments

The aptly named Graves Amendments (GA) were passed into US law in 2005, and heavily favored rental car companies. In terms of Financial Responsibility Limits, rental car companies are responsible for state minimum liability limits only. These limits vary widely between each state and serve as secondary insurance, and are effective only when primary insurance options are exhausted.

Who Should Use SLI Coverage

The answer to this question is quite straightforward - anyone considering rental car hire in the United States and Canada! Consider the consequences of declining a superb product designed to cover the unexpected, unwanted eventualities that may pop out of nowhere. Road users infringe road rules every minute of the day and night right across the planet. Don’t be on the receiving end of a large repair bill that was not your fault. Third party Supplemental Liability Insurance coverage is what you need, and it’s as easy as contacting right here.

Affordable Coverage for Your Rental Car

Quite correct, but don’t rely on CDW alone! Opting for no insurance coverage is insanely dangerous when you take the keys of your rental vehicle. Accepting the coverages offered at the rental kiosk is almost as mad, given the high premiums. Get the peace of mind you deserve and know that you have those unexpected hazards well covered. We call it proper insurance cover and it includes affordable Supplemental Liability Insurance coverage as a minimum add-on.

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