Travel Insurance Can Be Very Complicated To Compare: This Guide Will Help

Being an avid travelers I know how complicated it can be to try and actually match a travel insurance policy to the type of trip that I'm about to take. With so many different coverage features and coverage levels, it can be a mind-field. Hence, I was surprised to come across a review site that cleverly picked out the best insurance companies by classifying the travel insurance policies into four categories;

  • Best Coverage for Families
  • Best Coverage for Solo Travelers
  • Best for Adventurers Allianz
  • Best for Long Trips

I won't spoil the surprise by telling you which companies were voted the best within each category, though I will reveal what some of the criteria that were for the above categories.

The best family-friendly provider, got points for covering kids under 18 years old for free and without the parents needing to add the children's details during the purchase process nor staying within a certain ratio of 'adults to children'.

The best for solo travelers, were rated highly for the high level of customer service and deep knowledge of their travel insurance policies and nuanced features. As a solo traveler this is exactly the attention to detail and support you need, when you are making critical decisions about your trip on your own.

The best for adventurers, not surprisingly rated highly given the fact their coverage is underwritten to ensure travelers are covered in "off the beaten track" type of destinations as well as ensuring adventure/extreme activities are explicitly included in the policy.  Also quite impressive is the fact that a "cancel for any reason" provision is part of the policy, which would give travelers a refund of up to 75% if their trip cost, if it needed to be cancelled or interrupted for any reason. That's impressive given adventure travelers can bypass the long list of complex covered reasons which normally are included in a cancellation and interruption travel insurance policy.



And finally, the best for long trips policy went to the company with the annual travel insurance policy which ticked most of the relevant boxes. This policy didn't score highly when it came to what adventures would seek due to the type of hazardous activities they tend to partake in, but all the same, overall it rated best for travelers crisscrossing the globe for between 3-12 months.

To see the the full details of the review for each category and find out who the best rated companies are, visit the travel insurance article.